About Me

Football is a game that has the ability to unite people even if only for 90 mins. I’m from Australia and currently living in England. I love the game and have found that my passion for the game has surpassed my support for any club side. There is so much more to this game then just kicking the ball into the back of the net. I love talking about the tactics of the game, the influence of managers and of course all the general football chatter that fans like talking about.

Domestically my favourite club sides are Manchester United, Juventus and Sydney FC. I hate the name Socceroos and think we need to get rid of it if Australia is to be taken seriously as a footballing nation. I support the German national team in Europe due to my father coming from there. Please feel free to ask me anything. Football related I mean, don’t just ask me random questions about life. Please follow me on twitter. Link on home page.

Here are some links to my favourite football websites that have influenced me.







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