Premier League Week 1. What you may have missed.

In what I hope to be regular column throughout the Premier League season, I attempt to highlight some of the light-hearted incidents from the weekends fixtures. I’m aware there is still one more match to be played before round one is over but I might as well strike while the iron is hot.

New Tape Rule Kicks In.

After 2 minutes in the Manchester City v Southampton match referee Howard Webb informed David Silva he would have to leave the pitch due to the colour of the tape on his socks. This is because of new law by FIFA that stipulates that the tape on a players socks or other clothing must match the colour of the garment. Gary Neville’s (who is a commentator on SKY) verdict of the new law? “Rubbish”. James McClean of Sunderland was also caught out by this new rule against Arsenal.

Watch a video of the two players changing their tape here.

Newcastle v Tottenham Match produces two gems.

The most publicised bit of news from this game was the push by Alan Pardew on a linesman. Pardew was subsequently sent to the stands and has now been charged by the FA. To his credit Pardew has apologised for his actions saying it was a stupid action by him and he is unlikely to contest any suspension he may incur.

Also during the match Newcastle defender Steven Taylor showed a nice bit of innovation when he headed the ball back to his keeper. This may not sound that extraordinary until you see from where he headed the ball from. The floor. Brilliant. Watch the incident here (Hopefully it hasn’t been deleted yet)

Rickie Lambert take a bow!

Rickie Lambert is a player who has journeyed through the lower leagues of English football hoping, one day, for a crack at the Premier League. He has played for a number of clubs such as: Maccclesfield Town, Stockport County, Rochdale, Bristol and now Southampton. He was the top scorer in the Championship last season (His first ever season in the Championship) with 27 goals. Southampton are a club that have gone through some rough times since their relegation from the Premier League in 2005. They fell down the league structure and ended up in League One in 2009 and were in administration. But their ascension has been quick as they secured back-to-back promotions and faced their toughest test on the weekend when they faced the defending champions on the opening day.

You would expect Manchester City to win the match easily but Southampton made a real match of it. City were up 1-0 at half-time and then after 58 mins Rickie Lambert lashed onto a ball after a rather poor attempt at a one-two on the edge of the box. His celebration with the Southampton fans is already an iconic moment for the club and the fans. When they went 2-1 up against City the fans were in dream land but unfortunately they couldn’t hold on to the lead as, everyone’s favourite player, Nasri produced the winner with 10 mins to go.

But it’s well worth re-visiting that ‘iconic’ moment of Lamberts goal and remembering how far down he ladder this club were three years ago and how well-travelled this player is.

Rickie Lambert is mobbed after he scores against Man City.


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