Australia v Oman quick preview.

Australia’s line up has been announced and I’m quite surprised by the line up (pleasantly). I’m not sure how the team will line up but I’m guessing it’ll be a 5-3-2 formation. Something similar as to how Wigan and Napoli line up. With three centre backs and two wing backs. They should dominate possession but this line up also has the ability to change to 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. I’m not shocked that Cahill is on the bench he doesn’t offer much in the terms of team build up. He’s never been much of a playmaker. Expect him to come on late in the second half. Obviously the heat will play a factor in this game so Osieck has gone for a line up that will look to conserve energy and try to keep the ball. Don’t expect Australia to play swashbuckling football, I expect them save their energy in the first half and limit the chances that Oman will create. In the second half Australia should attack a bit more. Oman will be more used to the conditions and will look to use that to their advantage and look for a goal early on.

Except most of Australia’s play to go through Bresciano who was impressive in the 0-2 loss to Denmark. He also plays his club football in Dubai who’s weather conditions shouldn’t be to dissimilar to Oman. Jade North’s name seems to have caused some debate among Socceroo fans. But does offer experience to the back line my only concern is that all three center backs are in their 30’s so whether they have the legs and mobility to handle the Oman attack remains to be seen. A lot of play will likely go out wide to make the most of Carney and Wilkshire’s crossing ability, again, expect those passes out wide to go through Bresciano.


Possible formation for Australia against Oman.

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