Title Winners From Europe’s Big Leagues

  • England- Manchester City 

P-38 W-25 D-5 L-5 F-93 A-29 Pts-89. Top Goal Scorer: Sergio Augero, 23 goals

  • Italy- Juventus


 P-38 W-25 D-15 L-0 F-68 A-20 Pts-84. Top Goal Scorer: Alessandro Matri, 10 goals

  • Spain- Real Madrid 


P-38 W-32 D-4 L-2 F-121 A-32 Pts-100. Top Goal Scorer: Cristano Ronaldo, 46 goals

  • Netherlands-Ajax 


P-34 W-23 D-7 L-4 F-93 A-36 Pts-76. Top Goal Scorer: Siem de Jong, 13 goals

  • Germany- Borussia Dortmund 


P-34 W-25 D-6 L-3 F-80 A-25 Pts-81. Top Goal Scorer: Robert Lewadowski, 22 goals

  • Portugal- FC Porto 


P-30 W-23 D-6 L-1 F-69 A-19 Pts-75. Top Goal Scorer: Hulk, 16 goals

  • France- Montpellier

P-38 W-25 D-7 L-6 F-68 A-34 Pts-82. Top Goal Scorer: Olivier Giroud, 21 goals.


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