Chelsea into the Champions League final!

Just watched the Barcelona v Chelsea match where a dramatic Fernando Torres goal sealed the Londoners place in the final. With John Terry sent off, Braislav Ivanovic, Raul Meireles and Ramires all yellow carded (they will all miss the next match) it will be interesting to see what team they put out against either Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in the final. What a dramatic and fantastic turn around in fortune it has been for Chelsea football club. Caretaker manager Roberto Di Matteo must take all the praise for his ability to pull this squad together to achieve this amazing feat.

Yet again (as against Inter in 2010) Barcelona showed they have no plan B when a team ‘parks the bus’ in front of their goal. Always trying to play short passes near the Chelsea goal with no real danger of threatening Cech. They pushed everyone but the keeper forward and in the end left their goal exposed for Torres to effectively walk the ball in.

What a night of drama. First an injury to Gary Cahill- a sending off for Captain John Terry- then to concede two goals- Ramires to reply with a cheeky chip- a missed penalty from Messi and then a goal of redemption for miss-firing £50m man Torres. Chelsea will now have the chance to put to bed the nightmare of that night in Moscow in 2009. Whoever faces them in the final can not underestimate this side. They have been written off so many times only to defy the odds. Well done to Chelsea and all their staff. They are now 90 mins away from becoming the first London club to win the Champions League.


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