Can I just say, you're saying about Stewart Downing having no assists? Well doesn't it work both ways? I mean I've watched this season and he has put in some brilliant crosses that nobody has got on the end of ( and in some cases people couldnt be bothered moving to get on the end of them! ) So whereas yes he has no assists you need to look at the bigger picture – he can't assist if there isn't anyone there to get on the end of his crosses, if we buy a striker this will change for sure

Yes that’s a fair point. He has done some good crosses, it is disappointing when you cross into an area and you see that a fellow player doesn’t make the effort to convert the chance. However I’d also argue that a lot his crosses (while looking good) are aimless. Downing will often run down the line and cross without looking. What is the point of that? A top class winger will look up when running, always trying to see where his team mates are. Look at Valencia at Man United as an example. Surely retaining the ball would be more important then crossing to nobody. But like you said, there is often nobody in the box to get on the end of crosses so he can’t be solely to blame. Liverpool is a side full of talented individuals that have yet to really gel, that is the bigger picture. That’ll come in time. The only issue I had was, that for a player that has cost £20m, no assists is a poor return. Please agree or disagree if you wish. I love nothing more then discussing football, it’s all about opinions.


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