I can’t wait till these sagas are over…

I think I can safely say that there are a few transfer saga’s that we are all getting a little sick of. No matter how many times newspapers report that clubs have agreed a fee they just never seem to happen. These are the top 3 offenders that I can not wait to be resolved.

Alexis Sanchez. The story of the summer. Which club will he join. At the start it seemed every major club in Europe was after the Udinese winger. Inter Milan, Manchester United, Manchester City are said to have pulled out of the transfer, leaving Barcelona the favourites  for his signature. Barca are said to have made a final offer for Chilean. But don’t expect this saga to be over any time soon. Sanchez is unlikely to sign for a new club while the Copa America is in progress. So unfortunately expect it to carry on for a few more weeks.

Cesc Fabregas. Good god. Has there ever been a more dragged out and tedious transfer saga? If you’ve been hiding on a cave in Mars you’ll be surprised to learn that Barcelona are after the Arsenal captain. The annual will he or won’t go story has continued again. But this time it seems that Arsenal have accepted the fact that the young Spaniard will leave.  The only stumbling block appears to be the fee. Barcelona claim that Fabregas is not worth as much as the last year as he is one year closer to the end of his contract. They are also working within a certain transfer budget as they try to reduce the clubs massive debt. However Arsenal will want as much as they can get for their prized assert. Now just to complicate matters Real Madrid are said to have shown an interest. With Jose Mourinho looking for an alternative to fellow Spainiard Xabi Alonso. Yet again don’t expect this one to end any time soon.

Neymar. The story that I can’t stand more then others. In my opinion he isn’t worth the money. I don’t care what you’ve seen of him on youtube. He is still only 19 and it is disgusting that clubs are will to pay 45million euros for him. Chelsea and Real Madrid would appear the favourites for him with the Spanish side seeming the more likely. But there is hope that nothing will come of this with Neymar’s agent and the player himself stating that he intends to honour his contract with Santos. If he has a good tournament with Brazil at the Copa America then the speculation will start up again. Much to my horror.


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