Surely you can’t be serious.

At first I dismissed this as a silly transfer rumour. However now it seems to be gaining some legs. Manchester City are after Samir Nasri and are ready to outbid Manchester United for his services. I only find this hard to believe because I see this move more as an attempt to prevent United from getting their man then City’s need for another midfielder. Call me strange, but Man City have already splashed a large amount of cash on Yaya Toure, David Silva, James Milner (who is wasting his time on the bench) and Adam Johnson who could all do a similar job to Nasri.

Manchester City are heading down the path of Chelsea a few seasons past, where they attempted to have about two world class players for every position but ended up with a bunch of unhappy bench warmers. Those unhappy faces chose to move on and now Chelsea have a strong first 11 but no strength in depth. It may sound like a step backwards but City should be looking for some squad players instead of large ego’s who will expect to start every game. But that wouldn’t fit in with the image they are trying to build for themselves. So expect Man City to be linked with every player that any other major club is interested in.

Also if Nasri does leave Arsenal as well as Fabregas and Clinchy. Gunners fans may be seriously worried about their side. However I wouldn’t worry too much if I were them. Wenger has a habbit of selling players who appear at the peak of their powers and as result unearths some gems. Think Vieria/ Fabgregas or Henry/ Adebayor. But this season will really test the patience of Gunners fans. If he losses the trust of them expect him to out of a job. So some investment at Arsenal is expected.


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