I’m of the opinion that A-League clubs should explore the possibility of signing more Asian players as marquee players as Sydney FC did in their debut season with Japanese star Kazuyoshi Miura. It was only as a guest role as he played for only 4 games in the A-League but it was a good idea. Australia is now part of Asia after all and the market there is huge for potential sponsors and future fans. Asian players do seem to be on a different technical level to Australian players at present. Something that Melbourne Victory players would surely agree with. Aussie clubs do seem to be struggling when playing in the Asian Champions league. Adelaide Utd may have made the final a few seasons back but they were seriously out played in the final by Gamba Osaka.

  I’m not a fan of second rate players coming over to Oz and offering nothing to the way the game is played or anything different than what is already on offer. Players like Francis Jeffers, Micheal Bridges, Brian Deane and any other third rate former Premier league striker you’d care to mention. While I’m not saying all players from overseas have been a failure, Fred being by far the best foreign import thus far. It would be nice to hear clubs attempting to sign a big name form the J league or K league. There’s no point trying to hide the fact but there is a very large Asian community in Sydney and various other cities. With some clubs struggling to get bums on seats it is one way of trying address the issue. Players like Takahiro Futagawa or Yasuhito Endō from Gamba Osaka, or Tatsuya Tanaka of Urawa Red Diamonds could only help improve the game here. I’m not trying to pretend that this is the answer to the problem of poor crowds in the A-league, it is just a suggestion.


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